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MacBook Users by Country: Mac Market Share Around the World

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Last updated: September 14, 2023

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Have you ever wondered which country has the most Mac users? Well, I have, and out of curiosity, researched the OS market share data worldwide, with the aim of determining the countries where Mac OS X holds the largest market share.

You may assume the United States, Apple’s domestic market, would be at the forefront. However, the reality is not as straightforward as anticipated. Let’s explore MacBook users by country to understand user demographics and usage patterns.

What Is the Worldwide Market Share of macOS?

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According to the most recent stats for global market share held by operating systems for desktop PCs, from January 2013 to January 2023, macOS is at 15.33% while Windows holds a significant 74.14% market share.

macOS has held a smaller market share than Microsoft Windows in terms of global usage. Windows operating systems have traditionally dominated the PC market, while macOS has primarily catered to Apple’s Mac computers.

macOS operates on a range of Apple devices, including the MacBook series (which encompasses MacBook Pro and MacBook Air) as Apple’s line of laptop PCs and the iMac, their flagship desktop computer.

macos version market share

With a rich and extensive history, Apple’s Mac operating system, known as macOS (previously Mac OS X and OS X), has undergone numerous iterations. The latest release, macOS Ventura, marks the nineteenth version of the operating system.

Among the macOS versions, Catalina, an older iteration, currently holds the title of the most popular macOS, powering 88.18% of Apple computers as of April 2023.

MacBook Users by Country: What are the Most Mac-Friendly Countries?

Most MacBook Friendly Countries

Historically, some countries have shown a higher affinity for Macs. However, there is no way to determine a country’s exact number of Macs.

These figures are approximate, as acquiring accurate data regarding operating system usage is challenging. There is a scarcity of reliable primary sources and a lack of consensus on standardized data collection methodologies.

Here’s a breakdown of Mac users by country:

1. United States

macbook popularity in the united states

In the United States, the Mac user base is vast. With a culture that highly embraces technology, the country shows a high number of users across all age groups. A breakdown of usage per state would be included here, revealing interesting trends in areas like Silicon Valley.

2. Canada

macbook popularity in canada

Mac usage in Canada is also impressive, largely driven by a younger demographic. The prevalence of Macs in educational institutions also contributes significantly to their popularity in the country.

3. United Kingdom

macbook popularity in the united kingdom

The United Kingdom has a strong Mac user base. London, being a global city, shows significant usage across professionals and students. Other cities like Manchester and Birmingham also contribute to the Mac user demographics.

4. Germany

macbook popularity in germany

Germany’s Mac user base is mainly composed of creative professionals, thanks to Mac’s reputation in the creative and design industries. Cities such as Berlin and Munich are leading in Mac usage.

5. France

macbook popularity in france

France, particularly Paris, shows substantial Mac usage, largely attributable to their creative sectors. The French education system also incorporates Macs, further increasing the user base.

6. China

macbook popularity in china

China, despite being home to numerous local tech companies, has a considerable number of Mac users. Metropolises like Beijing and Shanghai see high Mac usage, especially among young professionals and students.

7. Japan

macbook popularity in japan

Japan has a robust Mac user base, reflecting its advanced technology culture. Cities like Tokyo and Osaka are hubs for Mac usage, particularly in design and tech companies.

8. India

macbook popularity in india

India’s Mac users are primarily concentrated in IT hubs like Bangalore and Hyderabad. The usage of Macs has grown with the rise of IT and startup culture in the country.

9. Australia

macbook popularity in australia

Australia, particularly in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, has a high concentration of Mac users. The education sector and creative industries play a major role in driving Mac usage in the country.

10. Africa

macbook popularity in africa

Mac usage in Africa is less compared to other continents due to economic factors. However, countries like South Africa and Nigeria are witnessing a growth in the number of Mac users.

11. South America

macbook popularity in south america

In South America, countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Chile show notable Mac usage. Here, Macs are primarily used by professionals in creative industries and by a growing base of tech-savvy users.

Mac Stats and Revenue

Over the course of the past decade, Apple has consistently maintained a lineup of essential products, including the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and iMac. Despite introducing new iterations and models, this core set of products has continued to appeal to a wide range of professional customers.

Despite Apple’s focus on mobile devices, the Mac has retained its significance within the company’s product portfolio, with multiple MacBooks released over the years. Apple has consistently generated increased revenue and sales since 2009.

Here’s a table of Mac’s annual revenue from 2009 to 2022 ($bn):

YearRevenue ($bn)

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about MacBook users by country, you may be interested in learning a little more about Macs. Here are a few initial resources to get you started:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What countries have the highest Mac market share?

    The countries with the highest Mac market share include the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Other countries with significant Mac market share include Germany, France, China, Japan, Australia, and select countries in South America like Brazil and Argentina.

  2. Macs are not more popular than PCs, however, they have gained popularity and have a significant user base. Apple computer shipments grew by 28% globally in 2022, shipping nearly 29 million Macs in a year. Additionally, Macs were reported to have been more popular than ever in 2021, with high customer satisfaction ratings.

  3. Do gamers prefer PC or Mac?

    Gamers prefer PCs over Macs for gaming purposes because they typically offer more flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of hardware, including high-performance graphics cards and other gaming peripherals. PCs also have a larger selection of games, with many games being designed primarily for Windows platforms.

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