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In the adrenaline-pumping world of virtual speed, turns, and finishes, racing games are a cornerstone of the gaming industry. While Mac users have often been left in the dust, with the M1 chip, that’s changing—Mac gaming is hitting top speed.

Whether you’re on Intel or M1, the Mac gaming scene has never been this turbocharged. From asphalt-melting simulators to neon-lit arcade sprints, I’ve compiled a list of the best racing games for Mac in 2023 that’ll have you gripping the edge of your seat. So, buckle up and rev those digital engines—your ultimate Mac racing experience starts now!

Best Racing Games for Mac in 2023

Here’s a quick list of the best racing games for Mac:

  1. DiRT 4
  2. F1 2017
  3. Art of Rally
  4. Dirt Rally
  5. Warped Kart Racers
  6. Gravel
  7. Absolute Drift
  8. FlatOut 2

Before diving into the high-octane list of the best racing games for Mac in 2023, it’s important to note that I’ve considered various factors to fine-tune my selection. Gameplay mechanics, graphics quality, and system requirements are just a few elements I’ve factored in.

Whether you’re a casual gamer just looking to kill some time or a hardcore racing fan seeking the ultimate test of skill, there’s something here for everyone. So, without further ado, let’s hit the accelerator!

1. DiRT 4

dirt 4 poster

DiRT 4 System Requirements

SpecificationsMinimum RequirementsSupported Mac Models
OSmacOS 10.14.2– 13″ Retina MacBook Pros (since 2016)

– 15″ MacBook Pros with a 1GB graphics card or better (since Mid 2012)

– 21.5″ iMacs with a 1.8GHz i5 processor or better (since Late 2013)

– 27″ iMacs and iMacs Pros (since Late 2013)

– All Mac Pros (since Late 2013)

– All Mac minis (since 2018)

– Late 2012 models with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675MX or 680MX graphics card
Processor1.8Ghz Intel Core i5
Graphics1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M, 2GB AMD Radeon R9 M290, Intel Iris Pro 5200 or better
Memory8GB RAM
Storage38GB available space

DiRT 4 is the sequel to the popular DiRT 3 and, according to many, even trumps DiRT 5. As a rally racing game, it offers a blend of both arcade and simulation elements, appealing to a variety of gamers.

Running this game on a Mac is a breeze, whether you’ve got an M1 chip or an Intel processor. The good news is that most bugs related to the Mac platform have been ironed out.

The arcade part comes alive through exciting races and a wide selection of cars. You’re not just racing, you’re also strategizing on what repairs to make between stages. The game even lets you create your own racing stages with its Your Stage feature, meaning endless replayability.

The game’s vibe is another highlight. The soundtrack and in-game atmosphere push you into this Go Fast, Die Fearless mindset that keeps your adrenaline pumping.

Why I Loved It

  • Endless Customization: The Your Stage feature lets me design my own tracks, providing endless hours of fun and new challenges.
  • Accessible Gameplay: The game is easy to jump into but offers layers of strategy that keep me coming back.
  • Visuals and Atmosphere: The graphics are stunning, and the soundtrack pumps me up every time I play, making the whole experience more immersive.

While I’ve had a lot of fun with DiRT 4, it might not satisfy hardcore racing sim fans seeking an ultra-realistic experience. Also, the online multiplayer community is not as active as you might find in other racing games, which could be a letdown.

Play This Game If

  • You’re Getting Started: You’re new to racing games and want something easy to pick up but hard to put down.
  • You Want Adrenaline With Strategy: You enjoy the adrenaline rush of high-speed racing combined with strategic decision-making.
  • You Want Endless Replayability: You’re looking for a game with strong replay value, thanks to customizable tracks and a wide range of cars.

So, would I recommend DiRT 4 for Mac users? Absolutely, especially if you’re new to rally games or just looking for an entertaining experience. But if you’re a die-hard rally fan, remember that DiRT 4 might not fully scratch that simulation itch.

2. F1 2017

f1 2017 poster

F1 2017 System Requirements

SpecificationsMinimum RequirementsSupported Mac Models
OSmacOS 10.12.5– 13″ MacBook Pros (since Late 2016)

– 15″ MacBook Pros (since Late 2016)

– 21.5″ iMacs with 2.0GHz CPU or better (since Late 2015)

– 27″ iMacs (since Late 2014)

– All Mac Pros (since Late 2013)
Processor2.0 GHz Intel Core i5
Graphics2 GB AMD R9 M290, 1.5 GB Intel Iris Pro 6200
Memory8GB RAM
Storage36GB available space

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to race around world-famous tracks at breakneck speeds, F1 2017 on Mac lets you live out that adrenaline-pumping fantasy. Compared to its 2016 predecessor, the game levels up by featuring all 20 official circuits from the 2017 season.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill racing game, it’s more like an immersive journey. In Career mode, you aren’t just a driver but part of the team. You’ll tackle everything from pit-stop strategies to car repairs, so you better be ready to get your hands metaphorically dirty.

Need a change of pace? The Championship mode offers a distilled racing experience, packing the entire 2017 season into a straightforward series of 20 races. And if you’re really up for a challenge, don’t miss the Pro Career option. It’s like the Career mode but on steroids.

What sets F1 2017 apart is its intricate research and development feature. You get to play the role of driver and engineer, optimizing your car’s engine performance to outsmart the competition. Choose from powerhouse teams like Ferrari and Red Bull, and feel the difference each modification makes on the track.

Why I Loved It

  • In-Depth Customization: The ability to tweak and tune my car felt like a game within a game.
  • Career Longevity: The 10-year Career mode kept me hooked; there’s always something new to aim for.
  • Multi-Platform Multiplayer: Playing with friends across Mac, PC, and Linux made the competition even more exciting.

While F1 2017 is a fantastic game, it’s not without its flaws. The game is very demanding on system resources, so you’ll want a pretty powerful Mac to run it smoothly. Also, if you’re not a big F1 fan, some of the more intricate customization and strategy aspects might feel overwhelming.

Play This Game If

  • You’re a Die-Hard F1 Fan: If you eat, sleep, and breathe F1—or want to—this game is your dream come true.
  • You Love Strategy as Much as You Love Racing: From pit-stop planning to engine optimization, your strategic skills will be tested.
  • You Enjoy Long-Term Gaming Experiences: With a 10-year Career mode, this is not a game you’ll master overnight. The long-term engagement is deeply rewarding.

F1 2017 delivers an unparalleled racing experience that’s part strategy, part skill, and entirely thrilling. Compatible with both Intel and M1 Macs, this game offers a full-throttle adventure for true racing enthusiasts. Just remember to check system requirements because this game demands a lot.

3. Art of Rally

art of rally poster

Art of Rally System Requirements

SpecificationsMinimum RequirementsSupported Mac Models
OSmacOS 10.12.5MacBook Pro or iMac
Processor2.0 GHz Intel Core i5
Graphics2 GB AMD R9 M290, 1.5 GB Intel Iris Pro 6200
Memory8GB RAM
Storage36GB available space

Ever feel like racing games are kinda all the same? I thought so too—until I came across Art of Rally. This one’s got soul. Made by the creators of Absolute Drift, this game lets you relive rally racing’s golden years.

The visuals are a breath of fresh air. Picture this: blocky but beautiful landscapes and cars, like someone turned a cool art project into a game. It’s all very Zen, calming, but super engaging.

You don’t just mash the gas and go, you’ve got to think! Are you on mud, gravel, or tarmac? Each one feels different, and you’ve got to adjust your speed and turning, or else you’ll find yourself in a ditch. Believe me, I learned the hard way!

Whether you’re on an M1 or an older Intel-based Mac, if you’re running OS 10.13 or higher, you’re all set. I tested it on a MacBook Pro and an iMac, and it was smooth sailing.

Why I Loved It

  • Historic Vibes: Driving cars from the ’60s and the Group B era made me feel like I was part of rally racing history.
  • Zen Visuals: The minimalistic, artsy style is like a breath of fresh air compared to most over-the-top racing games.
  • Challenging Gameplay: This isn’t a mindless racer, you’ve got to strategize and adjust to different road types to win.

No game’s perfect, though. While the single-player mode is engaging, the lack of a multiplayer option leaves something to be desired. Additionally, the high camera angle, although artistic, sometimes makes it challenging to judge the twists and turns on the road.

Play This Game If

  • You’re a History Buff: If you love classic cars and want to experience different eras of rally racing.
  • You Want Something Different: If you’re tired of the same old racing games and want a unique, more laid-back visual experience.
  • You Value Smooth Gameplay: If you’re looking for a game that won’t give your Mac a hard time, Art of Rally is well-optimized for M1 and Intel architectures.

Art of Rally takes you back in time while offering something completely new. Whether you’re on an M1 or Intel Mac, this is one trip worth taking.

4. Dirt Rally

dirt rally poster

Dirt Rally System Requirements

SpecificationsMinimum RequirementsSupported Mac Models
OSmacOS 10.13– All MacBook Airs with a 1.6 GHz i5 Processor or better (since Mid 2012)

– All 13″ MacBook Pros (since mid-2012)

– All 15″ MacBook Pros with a 1GB graphics card or better (since mid-2012)

– All Mac Minis (since late 2012)

– All 21.5″ iMacs (since late 2013)

– All 27″ iMacs with a 1GB graphics card or better (since late 2012)

– All Mac Pros with an AMD 7950 (Mac Edition) (since Mid 2010)
Processor1.8GHz Intel Core i3
Graphics1GB Nvidia 650M / 2GB AMD Radeon M290 / Intel HD 4000 graphics card or better
Memory8GB RAM
Storage48GB available space

As a seasoned player of Dirt Rally on my Mac, this game is like the Fast and Furious of rally racing. I almost wiped out on a rain-soaked curve in Wales, saved only by my growing skills with the game’s realistic controls.

You’ll be hurtling down some of the world’s most dangerous tracks—from rain-drenched Welsh forests to the treacherous, sun-baked rocky paths of Greece and even a track known as Hell in Norway.

Think you can handle a rally car? Dirt Rally will put you to the test. The car handling is so lifelike that every skid, slide, and turn counts. There are three modes: Championship, Rally, and Hillclimb modes.

The Championship mode is your main journey. Race, earn money, and upgrade your car to become the ultimate champion. The Rally mode is perfect for a quick racing fix. Hillclimb mode lets you conquer steep hills with powerful cars.

While the game works well on most recent Mac models, double-check system requirements on Feral’s website to avoid disappointment. Also, I highly recommend using a controller for the best experience, though a keyboard is manageable but challenging.

    Why I Loved It

    • Constant Challenge: Just when you think you’ve mastered a track, the game throws a curveball—maybe it’s a sudden downpour or an unexpected turn.
    • Car Variety: With about 40 different cars, I had a blast experimenting to find the perfect vehicle that suits my driving style.
    • Real-World Feeling: The adrenaline rush you get when speeding through a difficult turn or narrowly avoiding a crash feels as close to real-world racing as you can get.

    While Dirt Rally offers a thrilling experience, it’s not without its challenges. The game can be punishingly difficult for newcomers. Plus, the controller is almost a necessity for precise control, and not everyone might have access to one.

    Play This Game If

    • You Love a Challenge: This isn’t a game you can breeze through. It demands time, effort, and skill.
    • You’re a Rally Racing Fan: If you’ve always been fascinated by rally racing, this game is as close as you can get to the real thing without leaving your home.
    • You Enjoy Variety: With different game modes and a plethora of cars and tracks, boredom is not an option.

    Dirt Rally might intimidate newcomers with its realistic and challenging gameplay. But give it some time, and it’s a rewarding experience. For those willing to embrace the challenge, this game offers a thrilling, pedal-to-the-metal adventure.

    5. Warped Kart Racers

    warped kart racers poster

    Warped Kart Racers System Requirements

    SpecificationsMinimum RequirementsSupported Mac Models
    OSmacOS 12.0All MacBook models that can run macOS 12.0 or later
    Storage920MB available space

    I’ve got to be honest—I was pleasantly surprised by Warped Kart Racers. Both my Intel-based Mac and the newer M1 model handled the game smoothly, making it accessible to a broad range of Mac users.

    As far as visuals are concerned, remember the Candyland board game? Imagine racing through it in 3D. This one track, Cosmic Rainbow, had me awestruck with shooting stars and neon lights that made me feel like I was kart-racing through a disco.

    Controls are easy to learn, hard to master—my kind of game. It took me just about 10 minutes to get into it, but there’s enough depth to keep me hooked.

    Picking the right kart and character combo can seriously give you the edge in races. And I fell in love with Speedy Gonzalo, a character with a turbo-boost ability.

    Why I Loved It

    • Instant Accessibility: The straightforward controls and user-friendly interface made it easy to jump right in.
    • Visual and Auditory Experience: The detailed graphics and catchy soundtrack created an immersive environment that kept me engaged.
    • Character Variety: With a diverse roster of characters, each with unique abilities, the game never felt stale or repetitive.

    While Warped Kart Racers offers a lot of fun, it has its flaws. The repetition of tracks can make the gameplay monotonous after extended play, and occasional lag during multiplayer races can be frustrating. Additionally, the in-game purchases might tempt you to spend more than you’d like.

    Play This Game If

    • You’re New to Racing Games: The easy-to-learn controls make this an excellent pick for beginners.
    • You Love Strategy: The different characters and abilities mean that winning is about more than just speed—it’s also about strategy.
    • You Have a Competitive Streak: The multiplayer option allows you to go head-to-head with friends, adding a layer of competition that single-player games just can’t offer.

    Warped Kart Racers has been an exhilarating experience for me. It’s not perfect, but its strengths more than makeup for its weaknesses. Whether you’re using an older Intel Mac or a cutting-edge M1, the game runs like a dream, making it a must-try for any kart-racing fan with a Mac.

    6. Gravel

    gravel poster

    Gravel System Requirements

    SpecificationsMinimum RequirementsSupported Mac Models
    OSmacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) or laterMetal 2-capable Macs
    ProcessorIntel Core i5 or better
    GraphicsMetal 2 compatible with 4GB VRAM
    Memory8GB RAM
    Storage15GB available space

    Let me tell you, Gravel on Mac is like the WWE of racing games. Picture this: drivers that act like rock stars and race tracks that could be straight out of a stunt show. Yeah, it’s that exciting.

    After you get past the rockstar-like drivers in the intro, you’re tossed straight into a race that also works as a mini-tutorial. I found this pretty handy.

    From Cross Country races across beautiful landscapes to obstacle-filled Wild Rush laps, you won’t get bored. I found myself constantly swapping between the Stadium mode’s destruction derby vibe and the realism of Speed Cross.

    Have you ever tried to drive a car across a lake? In Gravel, I did just that and felt like a speedboat on wheels. But if you’re into details, you can also fiddle with your car’s brakes and transmission.

    Why I Loved It

    • Constant Variety: From mud-spattered forests to sandy dunes, the game’s race locations never got stale.
    • Beginner-Friendly: Even if you’ve never played a racing game before, Gravel makes it easy to get behind the wheel.
    • Casual to Competitive: The game scales nicely, allowing you to just have fun or get really competitive if you tweak the car settings.

    The game’s graphics are eye-popping, but that means you’ll need a powerful Mac to get the most out of it. And while the gameplay is a blast, the constant promotion of Gravel’s web-TV channel started to grind on my nerves after a bit.

    Play This Game If

    • You’re an Off-Road Fan: This isn’t your usual street racing game, it’s all about the rugged tracks.
    • You Love Variety: With four different race modes, there’s always something new to try.
    • You Want a Quick Escape: The game’s easy controls and quick races make it perfect for a fast adrenaline rush.

    So, should you play Gravel on your Mac? If you love high-energy races and want a game that’s easy to jump into but offers a bunch of different racing styles, Gravel’s your game. Just make sure your Mac is up to the task.

    7. Absolute Drift

    absolute drift poster

    Absolute Drift System Requirements

    SpecificationsMinimum RequirementsSupported Mac Models
    OSOSX 10.0+ (64-bit Systems Only)MacBook Pro or iMac
    Processor2.2GHz Dual Core
    Graphics512 MB RAM
    Memory2GB RAM
    Storage350MB available space

    If you’re someone who gets a kick out of drifting in racing games, you absolutely need to try Absolute Drift on your Mac. Firstly, let’s talk variety. The game offers three different challenge modes: Driftkhana, Drifting, and Mountain Drifting. With 34 levels in each, you’re not running out of drifting tracks anytime soon.

    As for cars, there are six options, and each one handles differently when drifting. Switching between cars made the game feel fresh and kept me on my toes. My personal favorite? The red coupe. It feels just right when navigating those tight turns.

    But what really won me over were the open worlds. Imagine drifting through an airport or dockyard—each environment has its own unique set of challenges. The more achievements you unlock, the more you get to explore these vast landscapes.

    I played this on both an M1 and an older Intel Mac without any hitches. One piece of advice, though: get a good controller. I used a standard one and it made controlling my drifts much more precise. I’ve heard that a few specific controllers may have compatibility issues, but I didn’t encounter any.

    Why I Loved It

    • Sense of Accomplishment: One of the best parts about Absolute Drift is the genuine feeling of achievement when you finally nail a difficult drift.
    • Diverse Gameplay: The three modes, six cars, and open-world environments make this game endlessly entertaining.
    • Smooth Mac Experience: Playing this on my Mac was a breeze, with no lags or glitches.

    While Absolute Drift is a fantastic game, one drawback is the steep learning curve, especially for beginners. Drifting isn’t easy, and the game doesn’t offer much in the way of tutorials or guides. Additionally, the game could benefit from more variety in the soundtrack to enhance the overall experience.

    Play This Game If

    • You’re a Drifting Enthusiast: If you love the thrill of sliding sideways through a turn, this game was made for you.
    • You Like Challenges: If you enjoy games that test your skills and make you work for your wins, Absolute Drift has you covered.
    • You Appreciate Minimalist Design: The clean, simple visuals make it easy to focus on the gameplay.

    Absolute Drift is a challenge, a playground, and a drifting academy all rolled into one. Whether you’re a casual player or aiming to become a drifting guru, this game has something to offer.

    8. FlatOut 2

    flatout 2 poster

    FlatOut 2 System Requirements

    SpecificationsMinimum RequirementsSupported Mac Models
    OSmacOS 10.6.8– Via Parallels on all Macs

    – Via Boot Camp on Intel Macs only
    GraphicsNvidia GeForce 7300, ATI Radeon X1600, Intel GMA X3100, 128 MB of VRAM
    Memory512MB RAM
    Storage4GB available space

    Look, I know racing games for Mac are a bit rare these days, but let’s not forget about the classics. I fired up FlatOut 2 on my Mac — doesn’t matter if you’re team M1 or Intel, it runs smoothly on both.

    FlatOut 2 is the opposite of a driving school lesson, it’s an arcade-style game that just lets you go wild. You don’t have to worry about real-world physics or pro-driving skills. I raced in a car that looked like a relic from a bygone era but packed a punch like a rocket.

    The game lets you choose from an impressive roster of 34 cars, and the tracks are far from ordinary. From the LA storm drains to the Rocky Mountain forests, each race is a new adventure. What’s cooler is that the difficulty keeps escalating, so don’t even think about taking a victory lap too soon.

    Got friends? Challenge them online. The multiplayer mode is a blast, and it’s hilarious to see who can cause the most pandemonium on the track. And if you’re in the mood for something different, switch to the mini-games or Destruction Derby Arenas.

    Why I Loved It

    • Pure Excitement: The adrenaline rush from smashing through barriers and sending cars flying is second to none.
    • Variety of Modes: Whether you’re into traditional racing or looking for off-beat mini-games, FlatOut 2 has got you covered.
    • Nostalgic Charm: The graphics may not be cutting-edge, but they give off a nostalgic vibe that brings me back to simpler times in gaming.

    While there’s a lot to love about FlatOut 2, it’s not perfect. The controls can feel a bit clunky, especially when you’re new to the game. And because the graphics are a bit dated, it may not appeal to those used to more modern, high-definition visuals.

    Play This Game If

    • You Love Chaos: If you enjoy games where the main goal is to create mayhem, FlatOut 2 is your jam.
    • You Want Variety: Tired of just racing around a track? The mini-games and Destruction Derby offer a fun break from the norm.
    • You’re Social: The multiplayer mode adds an extra layer of fun, especially when you’re competing against friends.

    If you’re looking for a hyper-realistic racing sim, FlatOut 2 might not be your speed. But if you’re up for a throwback experience filled with high-octane thrills and laughs, this game still has a lot to offer.

    Play the Best Racing Games on Your Mac

    The world of racing games on Mac has never been more diverse or exciting. Whether you’re looking for high-octane rally racing, hyper-realism, or retro arcade thrills, there’s something for everyone. So rev your engines and get ready for an unparalleled racing adventure as I’ve just taken you through the best racing games for Mac available in 2023. 

    Here are some more tips to enhance your gaming experience on Mac:

    • If you’re wondering whether your MacBook is good for gaming, the short answer is yes. If you have a MacBook with M1 or M2 chip, it can easily run racing games.
    • If you want to play seamlessly on your system, make sure to optimize your Mac for gaming.
    • Mac keyboard shortcuts can significantly enhance your gaming experience. So, learn the common keyboard shortcuts and play like a pro.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What games can an iMAC run?

      The iMac can run a wide array of games, from indie titles to mainstream ones, including strategy games, simulations, and action games. However, the specific games it can run depend on its hardware specifications, the game’s system requirements, and if it’s compatible with macOS.

    2. Does the F1 game work on Mac?

      Not all F1 games work on Mac. For instance, F1 22 is not natively compatible with macOS. However, there are a few ways to play it on Mac, such as using Boot Camp Assistant, cloud gaming services, or virtualization software. Other F1 games that work on Mac include F1 Mobile Racing, Formula One Championship, and Formula 1 2016.

    3. Can I play Need for Speed on Mac?

      You can play some Need for Speed games on Mac, but not all. However, you can use Boot Camp Assistant, cloud gaming services, or virtualization software to play any Need for Speed version on Mac. The mobile game Need for Speed: No Limits is also compatible with macOS.

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