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How to Install and Activate MacKeeper: The Best Guide

Safely install and activate MacKeeper on your Mac in minutes.

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Last updated: December 8, 2023

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To install and activate MacKeeper on your Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Go to MacKeeper’s official website and download it.
  2. Open the installer from the Downloads folder and follow the on-screen instructions to install.
  3. Launch MacKeeper, click Unlock Full Version, choose a subscription plan, and complete the payment process. You’ll receive a 16-digit activation code via email.
  4. Open MacKeeper, click MacKeeper in the menu bar > Enter Activation Code, add your code, and follow the prompts to create your account.

Recently, my Mac was getting really slow and lagging a lot. So, I thought I’d give MacKeeper a try for a speed boost but hit a snag with installation and activation. Finding no clear guides online, I reached out to MacKeeper support to figure out how to install and activate MacKeeper on my Mac. Below, I’m sharing a simple guide to help you do the same.

How to Install and Activate MacKeeper on Mac

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You can install and activate MacKeeper on your Mac in 3 simple steps. Here’s how:

Step 1: Download and Install MacKeeper on Mac

Here’s how to download and install MacKeeper on your Mac:

  1. Go to the official website of MacKeeper and click the Download button.
click the download button on mackeeper website
  1. Your MacKeeper download process will begin, and the installer file will be saved to your Mac’s Downloads folder.
  2. To access the installer, click the down arrow in the upper right corner of Safari and select the small magnifier icon. It will open the Downloads folder.
double click the mackeeper installer in downloads list
  1. In the Downloads folder, double-click the installer file to start the installation process.
double click the mackeeper installer in the downloads folder
  1. Click Continue on the Install MacKeeper window.
click continue on mackeeper installer
  1. Click Install.
click install on mackeeper installer
  1. Enter your Mac’s password and click Install Software.
enter your username and passwors to start mackeeper installation
  1. The installation process will start. Click OK on the prompt to give access to the Downloads folder.
click ok on the prompt
  1. Wait for the installation process to complete. Click Close on the Installation Successful notification.
click close on the mackeeper installer
  1. Now, you can launch MacKeeper and start using it.

Step 2: Getting an Activation Code

After successfully downloading and installing MacKeeper on your Mac, the next step is to activate the MacKeeper license. To do that, you need to get an activation code first.

Here’s how to get an activation code from MacKeeper:

  1. Launch MacKeeper on your Mac and click Unlock Full Version in the lower-left corner.
click unlock full version in mackeeper
  1. Select your plan and tap Instant Activation.
click instant activation on mackeeper
  1. Fill in your payment information and click Buy Now.
click buy now on mackeeper
  1. You’ll see an activation code on your screen if your payment details are correct. You’ll also receive an email titled Your MacKeeper order containing the 16-digit activation code.

Step 3: Activating MacKeeper License

Now that you have an activation code, it’s time to activate your MacKeeper license to access premium features, like virus scanning, system cleanup, and security protection.

Usually, the license activates automatically within 5 minutes, but you can do it manually if it doesn’t. Here’s the step-by-step process for activating your MacKeeper license:

  1. Open MacKeeper on your Mac and click MacKeeper in the menu bar.
click mackeeper in the menu bar
  1. Select Enter Activation Code in the drop-down menu.
click mackeeper in the menu bar and select enter activation code
  1. Paste the activation code for the license you purchased and click Apply Code.
enter your mackeeper activation code and click apply code
  1. Next, enter your email address and click Create My Account.
enter your email and click create my account
  1. That’s it. Your MacKeeper account has been activated. Click OK to access its features.
click ok to start using mackeeper

Troubleshoot MacKeeper Activation Errors

Sometimes, when you install and activate MacKeeper, you run into errors during or after the process. Here’s a quick guide to troubleshooting the most common activation errors you may face while installing and activating MacKeeper.

Error 1: Activation Code Already in Use

While activating my MacKeeper license, I got this message: “Activation code has already been applied to your other MacKeeper account. Please log in.”

mackeeper activation code error

Now, I didn’t have any other account, so it took me a while to figure this one out, but here’s how you can log back into your MacKeeper account:

  1. Click the small Profile icon in the top left corner of your MacKeeper window.
click the small profile icon in mackeeper
  1. Click Log Out.
click log out in mackeeper
  1. Next, log in with your email and password.
  2. Your valid MacKeeper license will be automatically activated.

Error 2: Invalid Activation Code

Oops! Invalid activation code? If you see a message like “Your activation code is not valid,” here’s what to do:

  1. First, double-check if you’ve entered the code correctly. Remember, a valid MacKeeper activation code should be 16 characters long and a mix of letters and numbers.
  2. Next, ensure you’ve copied the entire code when pasting it. Find that MacKeeper order confirmation email in your mailbox, and copy your activation code carefully. Then, paste it again.

Error 3: Activation Server Unavailable

When this error occurs, you get the “Activation server is unavailable. Please try again later” message. This error can occur if the MacKeeper activation server is down or experiencing technical difficulties.

Try activating your MacKeeper license again later. If the error persists, contact MacKeeper support for assistance.

Error 4: Activation Limit Exceeded

If you see the “Activation limit exceeded” message, it means your MacKeeper license is already active on too many devices. MacKeeper licenses have a limit on the number of devices they can be used on.

To fix this, deactivate the license on some devices before activating it on a new one.

Error 5: Activation Failed

This error can occur due to many reasons, such as a network connection issue, a problem with your MacKeeper license, or a bug in the MacKeeper software. If you encounter this error, try the following:

  1. Restart your Mac.
  2. Check your network connection.
  3. Try activating your MacKeeper license again later.
  4. If the error persists, contact MacKeeper support for assistance.

Here are some additional tips for activating MacKeeper:

  • Make sure you’re using a valid MacKeeper activation code.
  • Check your MacKeeper order confirmation email to ensure you have entered the code correctly.
  • Disable any antivirus or firewall software you are running on your Mac.
  • If you’re activating MacKeeper over a proxy network, make sure the proxy settings are configured correctly.

MacKeeper: At A Glance

Now that you know how to activate MacKeeper on your Mac, you can start enjoying the following features to keep your Mac running like a well-oiled machine:

🧹 Safe CleanupScans your Mac for junk files and unnecessary data and lets you remove them safely to free up storage space.
🗑️ Smart UninstallerAllows you to completely remove unwanted applications and their associated files from your Mac.
🚀 Memory CleanerFrees up system memory on your Mac by identifying and closing unnecessary background processes and applications.
🦠 AntivirusProtects your Mac from real-time malware, viruses, and other online threats.
🛡️ Adware CleanerScans your Mac for adware and potentially unwanted programs and helps remove them to improve your browsing experience.
🔒 Private Connect VPNProvides a secure and private connection to the internet by encrypting your online activity and hiding your IP address.

If you want to learn about all these features in detail, check out my MacKeeper review.

Unleash the Full Potential of MacKeeper

Now that you have successfully installed and activated MacKeeper on your Mac, you should use it to its full potential. Here are some quick ways to use MacKeeper on your Mac:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is MacKeeper approved by Apple?

    Yes, MacKeeper is approved by Apple. Since late 2019, Apple has notarized every version of MacKeeper, and the current version has also been certified by AppEsteem. It has also received a 99.7% virus detection rate in AV-TEST.

  2. Is MacKeeper OK to download on my Mac?

    Yes, it is OK to download MacKeeper on your Mac. It is a legitimate software application notarized by Apple and certified by AppEsteem. It has a perfect score of 6.0 out of 6.0 in all three categories of AV-TEST, including Protection, Performance, and Usability.

  3. Is MacKeeper free to use?

    No, MacKeeper is not free to use. You can get a MacKeeper free trial for a limited period to use the software before subscribing. However, this trial version only includes a free Mac scan and one free fix per MacKeeper tool, except for VPN Private Connect.

  4. How much does MacKeeper cost?

    MacKeeper pricing plans typically range from $14.95/month to $53.64/year, with discounts available for longer subscription periods. It offers several pricing plans that vary depending on the features included and the subscription duration.

  5. What are the system requirements for downloading MacKeeper on Mac?

    The system requirements for downloading MacKeeper on Mac include macOS 10.9 (Sierra) or later, 64-bit Intel-based processor, Apple M1, or newer, 2 GB of RAM, 113 MB disk space, and a stable internet connection.

  6. Should I install MacKeeper?

    Yes, you should install MacKeeper for comprehensive Mac optimization. It offers features like Safe Cleanup, Smart Uninstaller, Memory Cleaner, Antivirus protection, Adware Cleaner, and a private connect VPN for enhanced performance, security, and privacy.

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